Celine Park, Ventura College CTE Program Specialist and Award Recipient

Photo of Celine Park, Ventura College CTE Program Specialist

Congratulations to Celine Park, VC CTE Program Specialist, who was recognized for producing and directing a series of Career and Technical Education (CTE) videos in partnership with Richard Forde, Scot Rabe, and CAPS-TV as an outreach tool to promote CTE programs to middle and high school students throughout Ventura County.  Celine’s award recognitions included:

VC Pirate Soup: Water Science

  • “Best Educational & Government Video” – Hometown Media Award
  • “Award For Excellence For Local Cable Programming” – Western Access Video of Excellence


VC Pirate Soup: Welding & Manufacturing

  • “Best Educational Video” – National Alliance For Community Media

You can access the videos on Ventura College’s Career Pathways page at http://www.venturacollege.edu/careerpathways/pirate.soup.shtml.