1. Instructor Quick Reference
  2. Tegrity 508 Compliance Report
  3. Tegrity Test Proctoring (Student Recordings)


**Please contact Rebecca Chandler for more information***

Pictured below is the Tegrity Player utilized for viewing of all recordings.  The player consist of five main components:

  1. Instructor Window
  2. Instructional Window
  3. Bookmarks and Notes
  4. Timeline
  5. Player Controls

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Instructor Window

Will display one of the following:

  1. Video from webcam or similar video device.  Typically video of instructor
  2. Custom image specified by instructor
  3. Default image pictured below

Instructional Window

Will display one of the following:

  1. Capture of desktop (i.e. Power Point presentations, video files, etc.)
  2. Capture of video source (external camera)
  3. Tegrity Annotations

Bookmark and Notes

Will display bookmarks and notes added from “Tegrity Notes”.  Fore more information regarding “Tegrity Notes” see this article.


Timeline information appears in the bottom left hand corner with the progress bar running all the way across right above it.

Player Controls

Player controls are located center bottom and bottom right hand corner