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Please contact your instructor(s) for specific information about course structure, content, and textbooks. PLEASE NOTE: Only instructors can provide you with add codes. 

Course START date: Courses are not accessible to students until one week prior to the official start date of the course/semester; instructors may limit access until the first official day of class.

Course END date: Course access ends one week after the official end date of the class unless the instructor has granted extended access.

Spring '14

Online Course Offerings 

(Current as of 11/1/13, for the most recent schedule changes please visit the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES)

31739ANTH V01Biological AnthropologyRenger, Robert C.
39404ANTH V02Cultural AnthropologySumner, Susan
30843ANTH V02Cultural AnthropologySumner, Susan
30403ANTH V02Cultural AnthropologyFiumerodo, Maria T.
30781ART V01Art AppreciationBittl, Ann H.
33532ART V01Art AppreciationPhelps, Margaret
38239AST V01Elementary AstronomyTerry, Colin
30311BIOL V01Principles of BiologyAlgiers, Kamelia
30498BIOL V01Principles of BiologyGardner, Ty J.
31188BIOL V12Principles of Human BiologySaito, Patty E.
30405BUS V07ABusiness CalculationsKinghorn, Sandra C.
32232BUS V17Computer ApplicationsKinghorn, Sandra C.
30380BUS V27ABeginning Medical TerminologyCox, Debra L.
32233BUS V30Introduction to BusinessKinghorn, Sandra C.
32721BUS V30Introduction to BusinessBranca, Stephanie A.
31429BUS V44Business EnglishBranca, Stephanie A.
31650CD V02Child Growth & DevelopmentLansing-Eigenhuis, Joan C.
38287CD V61Child, Family & CommunityParker, Jennifer K.
30310DANC V01Dance AppreciationMarzec-Contreras, Becky C.
31876DANC V01Dance AppreciationMarzec-Contreras, Becky C.
30050ECON V01APrinciples of MacroeconomicsKhanjian, Ara
31372ECON V01APrinciples of MacroeconomicsKhanjian, Ara
31097ECON V01BPrinciples of MicroeconomicsKhanjian, Ara
30574ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionWalker, Jaclyn S.
31270ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionWalker, Jaclyn S.
36677ENGL V01BCritical Thinking &CompositionHarriston, Ryan E.
39519ENGL V01BCritical Thinking &CompositionKim, Henny H.
32283HED V87NutritionGreenberg, Valerie M.
37481HED V93Health and WellnessLa Monica, Gina
38144HED V93Health and WellnessCairns, Nancy J.
31228HED V93Health and WellnessCairns, Nancy J.
32162HIST V01BIntro to Western Civilizatn IICorbett, Paul S.
31845HIST V07AUnited States History ITracy, Raymond D.
31862HIST V07BUnited States History IIDe La Rocha, Ismael
32431HIST V18AWorld History IWard, Michael K.
31972IDS V09Tutorial Procedures & MethodsOxford, Sharon E.
30971KIN V24Life FitnessGreenberg, Valerie M.
32678MATH V01Elementary AlgebraMcCain, Michael T.
30753MATH V03Intermediate AlgebraYi, Peter
30753MATH V03Intermediate AlgebraYi, Peter
30935MATH V04College AlgebraBeard, Michelle A.
38495MATH V10PrealgebraMcCain, Michael T.
32806MATH V20Precalculus MathematicsSha, Saliha L.
31244MATH V44Elementary StatisticsAdlman, Andrea
31497MUS V08Music AppreciationTitmus, Jon
34357PHIL V01Introduction to PhilosophyCrowley, James F.
30881PHIL V04Introduction to LogicCrowley, James F.
30666PHOT V07History of PhotographyPhelps, Margaret
32978PHYS V02BGeneral Physics IIQuon, Steve
32981PHYS V03BGen Physics II:Calculus-BasedQuon, Steve
32690POLS V01American GovernmentPorter, Robert M.
31079POLS V01American GovernmentNasri, Farzeen F.
32692POLS V02Comparative GovernmentMcKoy, Corinna R.
30483POLS V03Intro to Political SciencePorter, Robert M.
30314POLS V14Global StudiesNasri, Farzeen F.
32479PSY V01Introduction to PsychologyRivere, Edelwina
32098PSY V01Introduction to PsychologyPauley, Mark A.
32029PSY V03Intro to Biological PsychologyPauley, Mark A.
30087PSY V05Developmental PsychologyPauley, Mark A.
39361PSY V05Developmental PsychologyRivere, Edelwina
35631SOC V01Introduction to SociologyJones, J Allison
30476SOC V02Social ProblemsHorigan, Andrea L.
31481SOC V03Racial&Ethnic Group RelationsChen, Albert Y.
30751SUP V81Business EnglishBranca, Stephanie A.
30010THA V01Theatre Arts AppreciationCole, Nathan


Partially Online Course Offerings

(Current as of 11/1/13, for the most recent schedule changes please visit the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES)


30439ANTH V01Biological AnthropologyRenger, Robert C.
34796ANTH V01Biological AnthropologyCurtis, Matthew C.
30404ANTH V03Archaeolgy&World PrehistoryRenger, Robert C.
39420ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionBeynon, Sharon J.
31334ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionMartinsen, Eric L.
31826ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionLall, Sumita
31603ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionLall, Sumita
31440ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionRamirez, Marie F.
31367ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionMartinsen, Eric L.
30588ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionGarcia, Jennifer S.
31311ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionGarcia, Jennifer S.
31351ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionBeynon, Sharon J.
31367ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionMartinsen, Eric L.
31849ENGL V05Reading for Critical AnalysisO'Neill, Christine
31971ENGL V06AAcademic ReadingSchoenrock, Kathryn J.
30764HED V82Health and FitnessCairns, Nancy J.
30888KIN V86Exercise PrescriptionGreenberg, Valerie M.
38652MATH V01Elementary AlgebraVan Splinter, Tiffani A.
38527MATH V03Intermediate AlgebraYi, Peter
30539MATH V44Elementary StatisticsKolesnik, Alexander G.
32003SPAN V01Elementary Spanish IDe Clerck, Tania L.
32192SPAN V01Elementary Spanish IDe Clerck, Tania L.
38480SPAN V01Elementary Spanish ISandford, Arthur J.
30106SPAN V01Elementary Spanish IDe Clerck, Tania L.
30138SPAN V02Elementary Spanish IIDe Clerck, Tania L.

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