Distance Ed Advisory

DE Advisory Mission: The Distance Education Committee exists to meet the instructional, communication, computing, and research needs of the students, and faculty, of Ventura College.  The mission of the committee is to focus on the delivery of distance education and its environment be it web enhanced on ground courses, hybrid courses or fully on line courses, and to take a proactive leadership role on educational, technological and professional development issues surrounding distance education.

OUR GOAL: Our greatest wish is to provide services and quality education in the distance education format that will enhance students' opportunities to be successful in their educational pursuits. We have established a goal to improve student success in distance education classes to equal that of face to face classes.

DE Meetings
FALL 2016 Spring 2017
FALL 2015 SPRING 2016
FALL 2014 SPRING 2015
FALL 2013 SPRING 2014
FALL 2012 SPRING 2013
FALL 2011 SPRING 2012