Distance Education Student Orientations @ VC


Welcome to the Summer 2018 Ventura College Distance Education Student Orientation! 

All courses are now taught solely in Canvas. If you sense a need for support with online learning or using Canvas, there are two types of orientations: the Self-paced online or the live face-to-face orientations.  After successfully completing the orientation, you will receive a certificate which may count towards class credit. Please contact your instructor for more information about whether completing the DE student orientation is required or not.


Orientation Type

Dates & Times

Self-Paced Online Orientation: This self-paced online tutorial is ideal for the student who is somewhat familiar with online instruction or is an independent self directed learner.  Students can take this course from any computer that has access to the Internet, and it is available 24/7.  You can begin the Summer 2018 Orientation today. 

April 9 2018 - July 9, 2018

The Live DE Student Orientations: Live technical orientations in Canvas are hosted by our student workers.   Please contact our VC DE Student Help Line to arrange a time to meet in the LRC BEACH computer area.  The live student orientations are roughly 90 minutes in length.  If you do not complete everything at that time, you can finish the tutorial online from anywhere.

Please contact the DE Student Help Line: 

Is this your first online course? Do you need a refresher on best practices as an online student?    Check out the Summer 2018 Quest for Success readiness orientation for best practices in being an online student.  You will be prompted to login to our portal and Canvas. 

April 9 2018 - July 9, 2018
Students, do you have a question about Canvas and/or your online class? Please contact VCDEStudentHelp VC Distance Education Hotline