Santa Paula Art Exhibit: Reflections From the Sanchez Collection

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 8:00am
Santa Paula Art Exhibit: Reflections From the Sanchez Collection

“The Sánchez Collection” reflects the artistic and historical influence of Mexican-Americans upon the United States from early 16th Century New Mexico to Contemporary Southern California. The artwork features a variety of artistic expressions from New Mexican wooden “retablos” to contemporary Chicano artworks on paper and canvas.  The collection’s Retablos, exhibiting for the first time, are devotional pieces made of carved wood, representative of Mexican-American art from its early inception in the United States.  Featuring artists include: Carlos Almaraz, Charlie Carrillo, Roberto Gil de Montes, Leo Limón, Frank Romero, Marie Romero Cash, and Jimmy Trujillo.

Artwork on display comes from the private collection of History Professor, Tomas Sánchez, who has been a serious Chicano Art Collector since the early1980s. The collection has been exhibited in a number of museums, galleries, and universities around the United States. Sánchez attributes his appreciation for Chicano Art when he became involved in the early stages of the Chicano Movement in Ventura County.  He has served as a Community College Administrator and Professor within the Ventura County Community College District.  Currently, he is teaching at Ventura College and Ventura College East Campus, courses in United States History, Western Civilization, World History, and Chicano History. During his free time, he enjoys travelling with his family, visiting and studying historical and archeological sites around the world.

Exhibit Runs Through December 14, 2017

Gallery Hours 8:00 am - 8:30 pm

Ventura College East Campus
957 Faulkner Road, 106
Santa Paula, CA 93060