SI Student Learning Outcomes


  • After attending regular SI sessions, the student will be able to apply learned study habits to improve class course work.
  • Students will successfully pass their SI supported class by increasing their knowledge of the course content through attendance in SI sessions.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will increase confidence in abilities to meet course objectives.
  • Students will learn and apply improved study habits and time management skills.
  • Students will be able to apply what they learn through SI to increase success in the course.

Assessment Methods

  • Student survey and evaluation.
  • Input from SI Leaders.
  • Data Analysis from Institutional Research Office.

Core Competencies

  • 2.3 Information Competency: Find and interpret relevant information from text, tables, graphs, maps, media, personal communication, observation, and electronic databases.
  • 3.3 Critical Thinking: Apply lessons from the past or learned knowledge and skills to new and varied situations.
  • 6.6 Life Skills: Apply time management skills to complete a task.