New Students

All new students are required to participate in the matriculation process which involves orientation, assessment, and counseling. Become a Ventura College student by completing all of the steps below:

Step 1: Complete the following applications:

Admissions: Apply online at

Set up MyVCCCD Portal: Students should follow the link provided on their welcoming email to set up their MYVCCCD portal.  The link must be used as soon as possible as it expires after ten days.  Some students may need to come to the Admissions and Records office in person if more information is needed to complete the application process.  A picture ID (e.g. CA Drivers License, CA Identity Card, High School ID card if it includes a photo) is required for all on campus transactions.

Ventura College Promise (VC Promise) online application will be available on the MyVCCCD portal.  The application period is May through June 2014, (exact dates TBA).  The on-line form must be completed and submitted during this period in order for applying students to qualify.  Notification will be sent by (July TBA) through email on or through personal email.  For additonal information please contact the VC Foundation Office at (805) 289-6461.

Financial Aid: Complete your FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Step 2: Take the English and Math assessments.

Students must provide a VCCCD student ID# which students obtain when they complete the admissions application process.   Please see the assessment schedule below for times, dates and locations that assessment is being conducted  and submit a Testing Appointment Request Form by email to

Step 3:  Call the Counseling Office at (805) 289-6448 to register for a New Student Orientation/Counseling/EdPlan workshop.  Attend an in-person orientation workshop at Ventura College (805) 289-6448.

Step 4: Get Counseling assistance in selecting your first semester classes.

Step 5: Register for classes beginning May TBA for summer 2014 and July TBA for fall 2014.

Only students who have completed Steps 1 through 4 will be eligible to register for classes.  Onlline registration is available to students by logging on to their MYVCCCD portal account at

Step 6: Pay the balance of registration fees. 

All fees are due and  payable immediately upon registration. Registration is not complete until fees are paid.  Students will be dropped from classes if fees are not paid by 10:00 pm on the day the student registers. 

Matriculation/Assessment Office hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and  Thursday 8:30 am until 4:30 pm

Tuesday 8:30 am until 6:30 pm.

Friday 8:30 am until 3:00 pm.

Closed daily from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Please Note: All individuals whom are not taking the assessment test will not be permitted in the testing area during testing sessions.

Assessment testing will be conducted in sessions.  Only Ventura County Community College District students who have completed VCCCD applications will be allowed to take the  assessment test.    Students are requested to sign up for the session which they plan to attend by completing a Testing Appointment Request Form and submitting it by email (, by fax (805) 289-6425 or in  person at the Assessment  Center in the Student Services Center. If seats remain open at the time a session is scheduled to start, they will be assigned to walk-in students on a first come, first served basis. Students planning to take the assessment test should allow approximately one and a half hours for the English test, and one hour for the math test. Students are requested to arrive at the testing center in the Student Services Center at least five minutes prior to the scheduled session starting time. Students arriving late may have their seats reassigned to “walk-in” students. Students must have their Ventura College Student ID number at the time of testing.  Testing sessions are scheduled as follows:

  Date Day Session Time  Location
  November 4, 2014 Tuesday 4:00pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 5, 2014 Wednesday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 11, 2014 Tuesday 4:00pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 13, 2014 Thursday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 19, 2014 Wednesday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 20, 2014 Thursday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 24, 2014 Monday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 25, 2014 Tuesday 4:00pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  November 26, 2014 Wednesday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 01, 2014 Monday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 02, 2014 Tuesday 4:00pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 03, 2014 Wednesday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 04, 2014 Thursday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 09, 2014 Tuesday 4:00pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 11, 2014 Thursday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 15, 2014 Monday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 17, 2014 Wednesday 1:30pm Student Services Center (SSC)
  December 18, 2014 Thursday 9:00am Student Services Center (SSC)

Please allow about ninety (90) minutes for reading/English assessments and one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes for the math assessment. If you attend while the college is in session, you must purchase a parking permit for two dollars ($2) at one of the yellow dispensers which are located  near the flag pole, in front of the Administration Office (facing Telegraph Road ), and in tbe CDC Lot, or the East or West  Parking Lots. Parking permits purchased from these dispensers will allow you to park in any student lot for the entire day. Please allow time to park and arrive at the appropriate site.

Study Guides

Students are allowed to take the math and/or the English assessment test a maximum of two (2) times unless they have specific authorization from a counselor or from the math or English department to exceed this limitation.   


Ventura College currently uses the MDTP developed by the CSU/UC Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project for  placement into mathematics courses.  The following links may be used to view samples of the four levels of math assessment tests: Test 1 Algebra Readiness; Test 2 Elementary Algebra; Test 3 Intermediate Algebra and Test 4 Pre-calculus.


Ventura College currently uses the College Tests for English Placement (CTEP) to place students into appropriate English classes. The English assessment test consists of three parts including reading comprehension, grammar and a sentence completion exercise.  The English test is multiple choice, and no written essay is required.   Click on the link for the English study guide.


Ability to Benefit Testing

Students requesting appointments to take the ATB test must  present a signed Referral Form from the Ventura College Financial Aid Office.  Students without a referral form cannot be scheduled for the test.


Further Questions

If you have any additional questions, please review the current Schedule of Classes or call the Assessment Office located in the Student Services Building at (805) 289-6402.

NOTE:   Reasonable accommodation in the assessment process, including testing materials in alternate formats, are available upon request for students with disabilities.  Prior arrangements must be made with the Alternate Media Specialist at (805) 289-6300.