Student Success and Support Program (3SP, formerly matriculation)

Student Success and Support Program staff at Ventura College recognizes that student success is a shared responsibility between the college and its students. The SSSP Program creates a framework for the provision of core matriculation services including orientation, assessment and placement and counseling/advising/educational planning services that are intended to increase student access and academic success. 3SP services also include the provision of intervention and follow up services to academically at-risk students such as those that are on academic or progress probation or are otherwise identified as at-risk.

Ventura College will provide students as mandated and except as exempted, with the following 3SP services:

a)      Orientation (via online or in-person delivery modes or a combination thereof)

b)      Assessment through placement tests, evaluation of external course work, evaluation of other colleges’ assessment test scores, evaluation of other types of test instruments and scores, and other multiple measures;

c)       Counseling, advising and/or other educational planning services culminating in the development of an abbreviated and/or comprehensive student electronic educational plan, identification of the student’s educational goal, and course of study;

d)      Follow-up services for at-risk students;

e)      Referral of students to appropriate support services including but not limited to financial aid, support services for foster youth and military veterans, tutorial or other instructional support services, campus child care services, EOPS and/or DSPS programs and services; and to appropriate curriculum offerings that may be available including but not limited to basic skills, ESL and noncredit instructional programs.