Career Exploration

Career exploration is an important tool that helps guide students on their educational journey.  All FYE students are required to complete the MBTI assessment during their first semester at Ventura College.  Please read and follow the instructions below to complete the assessment. Upon completion, please schedule an appointment with a FYE counselor to review the results and begin your career exploration!

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator):

The MBTI is an assessment that will help the individual identify job families and occupations that are good fits for your MBTI personality type.  It can help identify occupational categories, assist in the selection of a college major, and help identify personality preferences, strengths and potential challenges for your career. 

Read  the following frame of mind directions and answer the questions using this perspective, which will increase the validity of your results:

The MBTI assessment will present you with pairs of opposites to choose from.  As you read each pair, think of what you prefer when you are not expected or pressured to behave in a particular way to meet the requirements of the various roles you play (professional, parent, friend, daughter, etc). Which one appeals to you, sounds easiest, maybe even gives you a feeling of relief when you read it?  Keep in mind as you read each pair, that your environment (work, culture, home, etc.) could have led you to develop skills in both sides of a pair, resulting in you not knowing which to choose because you DO both, maybe even with near equal skill. If you face this internal struggle with any pair, say to yourself, “if I could design my life exactly to my liking, and the roles I play disappeared for just a moment, which one sounds easiest or would take less energy?” This is most likely your natural preference.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Click on this link: Elevate Login
  • Complete the brief registration information (or log in if you have previously registered for the Elevate platform).
  • Complete the demographic survey (if applicable).
  • Complete the assessment(s)

Note: There is no time limit, but the average time to complete each test is 30 to 45 minutes.


Remember to schedule an appointment with an FYE counselor to review the results and begin your career exploration!