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A lending library providing textbooks to Ventura College Students for the upcoming semester, drew hundreds who took part in a lottery and lined up on Wednesday. Adam August is starting his second year and checked out books on topics including Algebra and Sociology. He tells KVTA news he feels lucky he got to participate. “It was actually really convenient, like it was just free books. Because you know how textbooks are really expensive, especially for the new ones. I mean, it was a really good program, because they helped us out a lot and they made sure that we really got the books that we needed.”

VC Learning Resources supervisor, Sandy Hajas, says some textbooks can cost over $200. And the cost can impede students as they progress towards a degree. “Well, a lot of the students have a lot of financial need. And with the cost of textbooks, this really helps them stay in school. So it’s one of the main reasons we do it. For retention reasons, to help them stay in school.”

The program, support by the VC Foundation and grants and now has over 4,000 new and used books. Some of them are donated by students and professors.