Fund for Ventura College

Each year the Foundation asks donors to consider making a gift to the Fund for Ventura College. The unrestricted support of the Fund for Ventura College provides current resources to enable Ventura College to accomplish its goals and expand its services and programs. 

What your gifts to the Fund for Ventura College did last year 2015/16


Photo of Ventura College Graduate with tagline - your gift made a difference

Header graphic the reads: Thank You for your support.  Your gift last academic year to the FUND FOR VC made an impact

937 incoming freshman had their entire first year of enrollment fees PAID through the Ventura College Promise Program
269 new ttextbooks were just added to our textbook lending library for students to checkout for the entire semester!
264 students received scholarships to pay for their second year at Ventura College or their first year at their transfer university!


Logos for Ventura College and the Ventura College Foundation

Thank you!



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