Board of Directors

Ventura College Foundation Board Members

The Ventura College Foundation is made up of a volunteer board of community leaders who serve as the Board of Directors and hundreds of supporters, all of whom are dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the educational experience at Ventura College.

2014 Board Picture

PICTURED: Back row L to R: Richard Taylor, Rob van Nieuwburg, George Tillquist, Dr. Ruth Hemming-Treasurer, Tom Anthony, Amy Cherot, Helen Yunker, Elise Kearney, Donna Santo- Board Chair, Ellyn Dembowski, Norbert Tan- Executive Director

Front row L to R: Sharon Watts Woolley, Theodore Schneider-Vice Chair, Mike Montoya, Dr. Tim Harrison, Dr. Greg Gillespie- President, Dr. Robin Calote- President Emeritus, Dr. John Woolley- Secretary

Not pictured: Ann Bittl, David Bianco- Immediate Past Chair, Dr. Daniel Jahng, Ed Morera, Dr. Paul Silverman

 ** Photo by Dina Pielaet

2014-2015 Board Members

Tom Anthony

Daniel Jahng

Richard Taylor

David Bianco

Elise Kearney

Eleanor Tillquist

Ann Bittl

Mike Montoya- Treasurer

George Tillquist

Amy Cherot

Ed Morera

Rob Van Nieuwburg

Ellyn Dembowski

Donna Santo

Sharon Watts-Woolley- Secretary

Greg Gillespie- Ventura College President

Paul Silverman

John Woolley- Chair

Ruth Hemming- Vice Chair

Norbert Tan-Executive Director

Helen Yunker