Math Science News

Foundation Grants:

The Ventura College Foundation awards many grants each year and several projects in the Math & Science Division have been recipients of these grants: 

Behavior Observations - Channel Islands: Kammy Algiers, Biology

The purpose of this project is to expose Field Biology students to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world-The Channel Islands. Right off our coast, the Channel Islands National Park is unique due to its location and isolation. Animals and plants on the islands are close relatives of the mainland species, which have evolved slight differences due to their environment. Students can study evolution by observations of these organisms and their unique adaptations.

Field biology (BIOLV14) classes meet at different field sites each week. This grant is funding two island packers trips, one to Anacapa and one to Santa Cruz Island for this Spring’s Field Biology Class.

Physical Anthropology Fossil Cast Collection Enhancement and Upkeep: Gigi Fiumerodo Ph.D., Anthropology

We will be purchasing fossil casts for the Physical Anthropology Lab courses which will enhance the students experience and knowledge as they study hands-on.

Student Atomic Force Microscope Demonstration Units: Steve Quon, Physics

These units are used in laboratory exercises to show students how measurements of nanosized structures in nanoscience are made using Atomic Force Microscopes.

iPad Integration in the Classroom: Michael McCain, Math

The use of touch based devices is becoming the norm for our younger generations. The technology is intuitive to use and allows one to interact with a computer directly and in ways that cannot be accomplished with a traditional computer.  The iPad will be used for a number of purposes in and out of the classroom. It will be used along with a VGA adapter to display illustrations that use touch based commands as well as class notes.  Working with students on a one-on-one bases they can interact with the material using touch which I believe is an invaluable learning tool. Also, CourseSmart offers all of our math texts free of charge to instructors on the iPad. The device will be used to review textbooks and display textbooks on the projector during class discussions. This is valuable as there are many instances when I need a picture in the textbook to illustrate a concept. The iPad does this and allows the user to zoom in effectively using touch to emphasize certain illustrations.

Development of Effective Lab Demonstrations for Introductory Chemistry Courses: Robert Dion, Chemistry

Develop a group of laboratory demonstrations that illustrate the connection between textbook theory and physical reality in a way that is
          • Memorable and visually striking
          • Safe
          • Relatively easy to facilitate
          • Relatively inexpensive

MESA/STEM University Transfer Experience: Gema Espinoza, Student Outreach Specialist

The intent of the University Transfer Experience is to expose our VC students who are STEM majors to the transfer process by taking them to various universities (e.g. UCSB, Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, CSUN, UCI) to learn the basics of transferring to a 4-year university.