Applying to Nursing?




Applications are accepted by appointment onlyNo Walk-ins will be accepted.

August 1 – September 15 for the September 15 deadline or

February 1 – March 15 for the March 15 deadline.



1.  All prerequisite courses must be completed (grades posted on transcript)

  • Math V03 or 35 (or higher level), Chemistry with lab, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and Current CNA certification (or proof student passed the State exam – both written and skills)


2.   Applications accepted by appointment only (no Walk-ins will be accepted) during August 1 – September 15 or

     February 1 – March 15 (If deadline falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted up through the next  

     business day by appointment only).


3. Call the Counseling front desk at (805) 289-6448 to schedule an appointment to submit the Nursing

     Application with a Nursing Counselor (Please be aware that appointments are scheduled 2 weeks in advance



4. Go online to the Nursing Science webpage and download the Nursing Application – Please read all

     requirements, complete the Nursing application and Multicriteria Screening Supporting Documentation Form,

     and collect all documentation required for multicriteria  before your appointment. The application is available


Link to Nursing Application


5. On the day of your appointment please bring the following:

  • Completed Nursing Application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended (or check with Admissions and Records to see if on file). Official high school transcripts will be required only if using chemistry from high school to apply. If official transcripts are not on file, the application will not be accepted.
  • Current CNA certification (or if you have not received the certification, results from the State exam showing passed both written and skills)
  • Complete Multi-Criteria Screening Supporting Documentation Form - ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED AT TIME OF APPLICATION

               (If any documentation is missing, application will not be accepted)


6. Student will be allowed to schedule the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Exam after the Nursing

     Application has been submitted to a Nursing Counselor (if all qualifying requirements were met).