Accreditation Steering Committee


The Accreditation Steering Committee monitors the status of the college's compliance with accreditation standards and is responsible for the coordination of the effort to prepare the self-study and mid-term reports. Recommendations from the college self-study and the Accrediting Commission referred to the College Planning Committee for incorporation into the college plan.


Chair:  Patrick Jefferson, Executive Vice President & ALO

Co-Chair:  Art Sandford, Interim Dean of English, Communications & Learning Resources




Scheduled As Needed and held in MCW-312 from 3:00-4:30 p.m.

2014-2015 Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes Handouts
September 10, 2014      
October 8, 2014      
November 12, 2014      
December 10, 2014      
January 14, 2015      
February 11, 2015      
March 11, 2015      
April 8, 2015