Student Health and Psychological Services

Program Purpose: The student health center provides access to health care and promotes the health and wellness of the student population. Students will be able to utilize the services provided by the student health center and identify community resources for ongoing chronic health issues.

Program Description:  The Student Health and Psychological Services Office provides on-campus accident insurance and free medical care appointments and personal counseling to students who have received specific waivers, or paid the mandatory health fee.  Medications, lab work, and procedures are also available at a low cost.  Health services include diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and general medical problems, personal counseling, women's health and family planning, dermatology, orthopedics, immunizations, and health education pamphlets.  Students are also referred to outside resources when appropriate.


1. Information Competency
2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
3. Social Interaction and Life Skills


1. Ventura College students will be able to identify the Student Health Center as a place for Sexually Transmitted Information (STI) prevention and treatment and will make an appointment for STI screening.
2. Students will be aware that they need to pay a nominal fee for lab work.
3. Students will be able to identify community resource for health care for ongoing chronic health issues.
4. Students will be informed of the new policy that limits cigarette smoking to parking lots and will be aware of smoking cessation programs available through the student health center.