Student Connect Center

Program Purpose:  The purpose of the Student Connect Center is to provide students with an excellent entry experience at Ventura College.

Program Description:  The Student Connect Center serves both new and returning students.  Full-time staff and Student Ambassadors will use a comprehensive personal approach to assist students with the admissions and financial aid processes; guide students through the setup of a MYVCCCD Student Portal account; assist with the assessment and registration processes; connect students with appropriate Student Support Services; offer Campus Tours; and answer general questions about the college, its programs and services.


1.  Information Competency


1. Fifty per cent of students attending the New Student Counseling workshop will complete education plans.

2. Entering students utilizing the Student Connect Center will complete their college application on the computer. A 3% decrease in incorrect applications or applications missing information is expected.

3.  Demonstrate conceptual understanding of system concepts, theories and techniques that are foundational to the practice of human/social services.

4. Demonstrate understanding of assessment methods, treatment planning and case management.

5. Demonstrate understanding of recovery oriented behavior health services.