Purpose:  The Library is an information resource center. As a result of provided library services: students will be able to identify an information need; demonstrate the ability to successfully use library resources and services; be able to locate or request materials to meet their information need; and find the environment and facilities satisfactory in meeting their need.

Description: The Evelyn and Howard Boroughs Library’s mission is to provide equity in access to library collections, services, and resources to Ventura College students, faculty and staff, regardless of their location or educational modality. Our academic library encourages intellectual curiosity and serves as a reliable source for education, formation, and research. Further, the Library supports the growth and development of information interdependency through continuous self-assessment and improvement of services and resources. By partnering with faculty, the Library builds information competency skills and co-creates high quality educational experiences. The Library functions as a study area and resource laboratory for classes developing term papers, preparing speeches, and completing other classroom assignments.


1.  Information Competency
2.  Critical Thinking


1.  Be able to identify an information need.
2.  Be able to choose appropriate library resources that best meet a particular information need.
3.  Be able to demonstrate the ability to use successfully library services/resources.
4.  Be able to find or request materials to meet their information needs.