Distance Education

Program Purpose: The purpose of distance education is to provide students access to instruction through an alternative course delivery system. Students will be able to assess their online course readiness, demonstrate an increased ability to navigate the course management system, and subsequently achieve course success. Distance education also provides faculty training so that current tools and techniques are available to utilize in their online classrooms. 

Program Description:  Ventura College offers convenient, cutting edge, expanded access to higher education and life-long learning opportunities via distance education. Distance education is another way of providing education to students who work, and/or have family obligations that prevent them from coming to campus for classes. The courses are open to all independent, self directed and motivated students who are seeking to achieve their educational goals.


1.  Information Competency
2.  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


1. Twenty percent or more of students completing a distance education orientation will demonstrate an ability to navigate a commonly formatted distance education course shell.

2. Twenty percent or more of Faculty attending a distance education training provided by Ventura College will implement one or more teaching tools/techniques in their distance education class room.

3. Twenty percent or more of students completing the Distance Education Assessment tool will follow the guidelines given by the assessment outcome.