Program Purpose: The Assessment Cffice facilitates the testing process using multiple measures to assess student’s academic readiness for English and math courses. Students will understand that the assessment process is a tool to ensure their successful placement in courses for which they are academically prepared.

Program Description:  The assessment program at Ventura College provides assessment services to assist students in determining their appropriate placement into English and math classes. Math testing is also used to determine math competency for awarding of Associate degrees. Additionally, the assessment program provides ability to benefit testing services to determine eligibility for financial aid for students with neither a high school diploma nor a GED Certificate. The assessment program provides reportage regarding assessment activities and provides related data to interested campus entities. Assessment also provides prerequisite verification for students who completed course prerequisites at other institutions, and who need prerequisites verified before they can register for classes at Ventura College.


1. Information Competency
2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
3. Social Interaction and Life Skills


1. Students who take the assessment test will demonstrate understanding about how to use the test results.
2. Student who takes the assessment test should have a comprehensive understanding of the challenge process should they choose to challenge a prerequisite.
3. Students who take the assessment test will demonstrate understanding of the role and use of prerequisites.