These forms have been developed by the Student Learning Outcomes Oversight Group to assist faculty and staff through the SLO/SUO assessment process.   Individual Faculty Assessment forms stay with the individual faculty member and the department head to be used only as supplemental data to complete the Course Level SLO Summary Form.  Service Units will complete the Service Unit Assessment Summary Form as documentation of their SUO assessment process.  All Summary forms will be stored in the department's folder in the SharePoint document center.  Please refer to the Faculty and Staff Toolkit for more detailed information.

Program SLO Assessment Summary Form

SLO Assessment Findings-Embedded (rev.9-13)

SLO Assessment Findings-Individual Faculty (rev.9-13)

SLO Assessment Summary of CSLO Assessed (rev.9-13)

SLO Rotational Plan-5 Year Template (9-13)

SLO Rubric Form (rev 8-25-11)

SUO Assessment Summary Form (rev.5-12)

SUO Rotational Plan-5 Year Template (9-13)