Paramedic Studies

Program Purpose: Students who complete the Paramedic Studies Program will be prepared to work as paramedics with specific knowledge of the paramedic profession, proficient skills, sound theoretical rationale and critical thinking skills which will provide the basis for decision making and success in the work place. Students will participate in classroom, hospital and field settings. All courses in the program will promote integration of all aspects of the paramedic industry with critical thinking, competence in oral and written communication and applied math and problem solving.

Program Description: The Ventura College Paramedic Studies program is the only program fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs in Ventura County. Successful completion of the program will allow students to sit for the National Registry licensing examination and then gain employment in the wide range of public and private agencies who incorporate the advanced life support skills of a paramedic into their needs.


  1. Communication
  2. Information Competency
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Civic Responsibility
  5. Social Interaction and Life Skills


To prepare entry-level paramedics who:

  1. Apply scientific knowledge in providing prehospital and emergency medical care 
  2. Use effective communication and interpersonal skills with patients and other health care workers
  3. Provide teaching to individuals and groups 
  4. Operate within the roles of an entry level provider of care and contributor to the paramedic profession
  5. Demonstrate and foster high standards of Prehospital and Emergency Medical practice in skill performance and patient advocacy 
  6. Provide competent and safe care in a variety of settings to a group of patients with diverse needs across the lifespan by demonstrating knowledgeable decision making and judgment based on critical thinking, clinical competence, accountability and collaboration with the patient and health care team 
  7. Demonstrate management and leadership in providing care to a group of patients with complex and diverse needs
  8. To promote the personal and professional growth, health and success of each student; the concept of lifelong learning, including the pursuit of advanced degrees and advanced practice in the health field; and prepare graduates who are eligible to seek licensure as paramedics and that meet the expectations of the EMS Community 


I: This program-level student learning outcome is INTRODUCED is this course.
P: This program-level student learning outcome is PRACTICED in this course.
M: This program-level student learning outcome is MASTERED in this course.
Leave blank if program-level student learning outcome is not addressed.

PM V01 I,P,M I,P I,P I,P,M I,P I,P I,P I,P
PM V02 M P,M P,M M P,M P,M P,M M
PM V88                
PM V90                
PM V95 I I,P   I I I,P   I