Manufacturing Technology

Program Purpose: Students participating in the Manufacturing Applications and CNC Operator Program or students pursuing other degrees or interests, will use the study of manufacturing processes to develop skill in the areas of manufacturing planning, machine shop operations, process controls and computer assisted machining, materials and quality applications to qualitatively and quantitatively develop, plan for and solve manufacturing problems by gathering information from blueprint and computer design data , analyzing quality requirements, forming safe and appropriate manufacturing process controls, and communicating these results through written and oral expressions.

Program Description: The Manufacturing Technology Department offers the opportunity for students to excel by providing the latest information and technology in both the lecture and laboratory settings. The Manufacturing Technology program has included the most modern software and hardware to provide a good environment for learning. The inclusion of new computer controlled laser technology and continuing the use of general manufacturing process technology gives the students access to industrial tools and technologies found in industry. A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses are offered for students interested in working toward the completion of proficiency awards in CNC Operation and Manufacturing Applications, transfer classes for university credit and general interest courses for the returning student looking for skill improvement and employment in local industry.


  1. Communication
  2. Information Competency
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


  1. Demonstrate the ability to interpret and apply technical information from mechanical blueprints and manufacturing process drawings.
  2. Perform precision measurement on manufactured products.
  3. Plan for and devise machining operations per manufacturing process drawings.
  4. Analyze and apply shop safety.
  5. Determine manufacturability of products and verify safe manufacturing procedures


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Courses PLSLO #1 PLSLO #2 PLSLO #3 PLSLO #4
MT V02 I M P P
MT V03 M M P P
MT V04 M I I I
MT V06 M P M M