Celine Park, Ventura College CTE Program Specialist and Award Recipient

Congratulations to Celine Park, VC CTE Program Specialist, who was recognized for producing and directing a series of Career and Technical Education (CTE) videos in partnership with Richard Forde, Scot Rabe, and CAPS-TV as an outreach tool to promote CTE programs to middle and high school students throughout Ventura County.  Celine’s award recognitions included:

VC Pirate Soup: Water Science

  • “Best Educational & Government Video” – Hometown Media Award
  • “Award For Excellence For Local Cable Programming” – Western Access Video of Excellence


VC Pirate Soup: Welding & Manufacturing

  • “Best Educational Video” – National Alliance For Community Media

You can access the videos on Ventura College’s Career Pathways page at http://www.venturacollege.edu/careerpathways/pirate.soup.shtml.