John Tallman-Coach/Contributor

john tallman

Asselections go for the inaugural group of indectees into the Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame, some ,people, when reviewing the first list of names of those chosen, might actually overlook John Tallman's name simply because they expect it to be tehre.  Some people who may never see the list of inductees, yet have an association with Ventura College, will easily give you the names of three or four peope most deserving of inclusion.  One of those names would be John Tallman.

John Tallman influenced many coaches and former VC coaches, regardless of their sports.  They will gladly acknowledge and share what John Tallman meant to them and their development as a person and as a coach. 

John was born in Seattle, Washington in 1929.  An outstanding swimmer, he attended the University of Washington (UW) and won many titles.  It was here that John had his first foray into coaching, when he coached a summer league swim team.  John received his Bachelor's Degree in 1951 and a Master's Degree in 1955, both from UW.

After dabbling in various swim club ventures around Seattle, including Head Swim Coach at UW in 1963, John later was selected coach of the United States International Swim Team in 1970.  Between 1962 and 1970, Tallman coached three world record holders and 15 national record holders. 

In 1969, on a football recruiting trip to Southern California, John discovered Ventura College.  He learned that a new swimming faility was being built and an aquatic coordinator would need to be hired.  Ventura College hired John in 1972 as the first Aquatics Coordinator. He coached the first swim and water polo teams for VC and incorporated scuba diving training and certification into the curriculum.

John transitioned from coaching to administration in 1978, and became the the Assistant Dean of Instruction.  He subsequently became Vice Chancellor of Instruction for the Ventura County Community College District.  He held that position unitl his retirement in 1993.  An avid supporter of VC sports, John was almost always in attendance at men's and women's basketball games during the Ned Mircetic and Phil Matthews' eras. In retirement, John still found time to get elected to a VCCCD trustee position, where he served two four-year terms.

An excerpt on John from the John Tallman story sums it up best: "His passion for the commitment to aquatics and education have no doubt had a profound positive impact on thousands of students both young and old."