George Anderson- Coach

george anderson 

Mention the name George Anderson to any former V.C. student-athlete and a smile is likely to appear on their face. Athletes who played football for V.C. or participated in cross country or track and field for Coach Anderson always knew that he was there for them. George Anderson had one of the longest and most fulfilling careers as a V.C. coach spanning some 33 years. And, as anyone who knew him will tell you, George was one of the nicest and most caring people one could ever know. 

 In 1952, George started coaching for Ventura College when the college was located on the current Ventura High School campus. When the new campus was completed in 1955, George moved from the Poli Street campus to Telegraph Road. He coached many athletes who later became coaches or achieved outstanding success in other fields. However, they all had one thing in common; through the tutelage of Coach Anderson they were provided an extraordinary foundation upon which to build a life of enjoyment and success, which were the fundamental hallmarks of Coach Anderson's career 

 In 1957, George started and coached the first V.C. cross county program. Although he had only a small number of runners at the outset, George built the program and developed many individuals who excelled at their sport. 

 As the men's track and field coach for over 30 years, he developed many outstanding athletes. Many of his athletes distinguished themselves in the conference and state championships. Hall of Fame Inductee Dave McLucas was the high hurdle State Champion in 1969, and in the 1970's, Hall of Fame nominee Bruce Smith was a state champion in the triple and long jump.

 In addition to his coaching duties, George taught courses in Physical Education and First Aid. He became affectionately known as "Mr. Bowler" in that the establishment of the first bowling class in 1952 was the brainchild of Coach Anderson.  While technology and technique in the world of bowling have changed over the many years, the college course that George established some fifty-five years ago is still quite successful today.

 Many of George's athletes, colleagues and friends clearly recognized him as a man of high moral value and strong character. To this very day, let it be said that Coach George Anderson not only spent his professional career building character, but he lived a life sustained by the principles of comitment, teamwork and sportsmanship and, in doing so, served as a role model and gentlemen of the first order for thousands of young athletes.

 Having retired in 1985, George and his wife Shirley continued to live in Ventura until his untimely death this past August, just 37 days before his formal induction into the Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame. Coach Anderson leaves behind his wife of 48 years Shirley, four children and __ grandchildren.