George Hofmann, Contributor


george hoffman                                                                          george hoffman

George became involved with the Pirate Bench Club in the early 1970's. He served as Treasurer of the Bench Club for several years. The primary goal of the Bench Club was to raise funds through season ticket sales to benefit V.C. sports programs in general, and the football program in particular. 

 George Hofmann is one of those special people who gave far more then he gets in return. As a leader of the football boosters club for 20 years (1974-1994) George was the catalyst behind the development of a reverse drawing which, in one evening, annually raised over $15,000 in support of V.C. football.

 Always one to take the lead, George was a dynamic force behind the booster club, its sale of season tickets, its weekly meetings where game film was viewed by family and friends, and athletes were recognized and honored for their weekly performances.

 Another example of George's value to V.C. was in 1983. Right before the beginning of the season, the football uniforms and gear were damaged in a fire, and George was able to secure new football uniforms just weeks to prior to the first game.

 It goes without saying that George was truly a Pirate Booster, and coaches are forever thankful for the time and tireless energy he gave to V.C. football.

 George lives in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.