Hall of Fame

The History of the Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame

The Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 2005, after nearly eighty years of athletic history at multiple Ventura College campuses, fifty of those years on the current college site. The Hall of Fame operates under the authority of the Ventura College Athletic Association, an affiliate of the Ventura College Foundation. The Hall of Fame organization was formed to honor the many great athletes, coaches, athletic contributors and alumni who are part of the extraordinary history of Ventura College athletics.

The Athletic Hall of Fame and its inductees are reminders of the triumph of the human spirit and are symbolic of the dedication and commitment of the student athletes, whose accomplishments, on and off the field of play have been exemplary. Recognizing distinguished athletes coaches contributors and alumni and honoring their achievements is the objective of the Hall of Fame. The names of those selected to this elite group from the extensive history of Venutura College athletics will be recorded and displayed prominently on the Ventura College campus.

Eligibility requirements:

1. The nominee exemplify the highest ideals of intercollegiate athletics and prove to be of high moral character.

2. The nominee must have competed or coached, or rendered extraordinary service or leadership, or brought special recognition to the athletic porgrams of Ventura College and meet the following qualifications:

  • Athlete last competed at Ventura College five or more years prior to date of nomination.
  • Coach who has not coached at Ventura College for two years or more is eligible for nomination
  • No member of the Athletic Hall of Fame Central Committee, while serving, shall be eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations and induction may be poshumously awarded.

3. Any person may nominate by submitting, in writing, an approval nomination form to the Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame Central Committee.

4. There will be no limit on the number of times an individual may be nominated.

5. Two thirds of any induction class must be from the athlete category.

6. No more than one third of any induction class may come from coach, contributor, or alumni categories.

Class of 2010

Class Picture Coming Soon!


Class of 2006


Jim Basso Bob Gowder Don Downey Sally Tuttle (Karrasch)
Don Burroughs Cedric Ceballos Mindy Morter (Kahle) Elmer McCall
Chuck Williams Jim Moore Ed Henke Marina Torres Reyes
Fred Standifer Brook Jacoby Jr. Tara McLean (Emery) John Tallman
Matt Furey Pat Cannamela Fred Stennett Wayne Branstetter

Class of 2007

George Anderson Dave McLucas Ernie Hall Carol Mills (Cummings) Ranae Hofmann
Craig Rond Max Houlihan Chrissy Sanford Dan Mainzer Billy J Smith
Phil Matthews John Smithson Pookey Wigington    

Class of 2008

2008 group

Duane Asplund Joy Anna Barry Isaiah "Bubba" Brown Charlie Dunn Robert Charles Fick
Sonia Ortiz Ford George Hofmann Vanessa Hackett-Jacobs Amirah Leonard Lee Martin
Lester Neal Bruce Smith James A. Whalen    

Help Ventura College Remember Its Past

history ad

The Ventura College Athletic Department is in the process of securing and maintaining its sports history by developing a department specifically for that purpose.

We are accepting any and all donations of any VC sports memorabilia including photos, jerseys, letters, news articles, programs, equipment, etc. We want anything that ouches on Ventura College Athletics for all sports, both men and women. Photos and articles can be scanned and returned if you like.

This organization will be a major player in helping us preserve our past by making sure our Pirate athletes and their achievements will never be forgotten.

Items may be dropped off at the Athletic Department. We are located on Campus in the Hall of Fame Office, just off the East End Entrance to the Athletic Event Center.

We encourage everyone to become a member of the Athletic Association to show your support for Ventura College Athletics and thank you for helping us make sure that all the Pirates, past, present, and those in the future, will never be forgotten.

Thank you for your support!